Low Cost Franchising

Fit Body Boot Camp Locations are Designed with Your Success and Profits in Mind!

No expensive build out or start up costs. No huge operating expense. Just open space, a few specialized pieces of equipment, and our Unstoppable Fat Loss Formula are all you’ll need to create a thriving business!


A Business Model Created Just for You

Fit Body Boot Camp exists to empower its owners to massive success. FBBC was designed to be the anti-franchise franchise; that’s why we work so hard to keep our fees low and our monthly royalties reasonable and flat. We don’t nickel and dime you to death. But we do deliver fanatical franchise support and unmatched systems every step of the way.

We’ll never demand a percentage of your profits each month because we don’t punish our owners for being successful. We believe that you should keep more of the money that you make.

This model was designed and created to be the best business model in the entire fitness industry. Our founder, Bedros Keuilian created the FBBC model with three things in mind: First, for it to be simple and elegant in design. Second, for it to provide the most effective fitness and fat loss results for your clients. And finally, to be a highly profitable and successful business for you, our franchise owners.

A Great Investment Even if You Aren’t a Personal Trainer

You don’t need any fitness experience to own a Fit Body Boot Camp, you just need to hire great trainers, and we’ll show you how every step of the way.

We’ll teach you how to find, hire, and train a great staff so that you can run your Fit Body Boot Camp location working only a few hours per day, or to free up your time so that you can focus on growing into multiple locations. No matter your goal, we’ll show you how at our hands on, new owner and trainer education and training center known as FBBC University in Southern California.


Expensive Equipment NOT Required

Most fitness franchises would force you to purchase, operate, and maintain tens of thousands of dollars of complicated machines and equipment. With Fit Body Boot Camp you won’t be dealing with anything like that. Just some plush floors and a few weights and our low cost propriety training system and you’ll be in business.

This keeps build out costs down and makes it remarkably easy and affordable to quickly launch your first location.

Low Monthly Cost Means High Monthly Profit

Your facility will run with just a few employees and simple equipment that’s easy to upkeep and maintain keeping your utility and operating costs low. All of these systems help keep your costs down and profits high while delivering the best and most personalized fitness and fat loss training programs to your clients.

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